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1800Mattress.com is a subsidiary of Mattress Firm, which sells mattresses directly to customers online and over the phone. They are well-known for selling Sleepy's brand products, which have recently gone through a design update from Mattress Firm. In addition to selling a variety of bedding products from Mattress Firm, they also sell mattresses from Serta and Simmons Beautyrest.

Jared angrily shared, "1800 Mattress has a non existing customer service, it took me calling my bank to get anything done. Complete disgrace. Requested an address change multiple times and still messed up the address. Tried to cancel my order for a week straight. They advertise “will respond within 24 hours”. Yeah that’s a total joke. Like I said I called all the customer service lines and speaking to someone isn’t a thing. I called corporate and no ANSWER TO ANYTHING. I tried to cancel my order using the tools they told me to use to cancel my order, I did this multiple times as well. It took me calling my bank, this was over a week later of trying to cancel my order, for them to then contact me literally 30 minutes after getting off the phone with my bank for them to get back to me. I don’t recommend at all."


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C. Phelps says

"After walking into the shop in Dumfries, I was immediately put off, and utterly disgusted at the state of the building. There are multiple ceiling tiles missing and mould all over the walls! It's an complete shambles and looks like a derelict warehouse rather than a retail store. I am appalled at the fact that those poor girls have to work in a shop, in that condition. I have no doubt they do their best to keep the beds hygienic but I still wouldn't go near one of their beds. That shop is not fit for customers to be entering, let alone the staff spending all day in that environment."

Mark Smart says

"Delivery time slot given was 11:30 to 13:30 Arrived 1hour 40 minutes late at 15:10 After waiting in a queue for 42 minutes on the phone to customer services told me the had spoken to the driver and he was on his way, he arrived 1 hour later, Asked the driver if he could take the packaging away to be recycled, he said quite sternly and with attitude “NO as we hadn’t paid for assembly” When I was assembling there was a large split in the main framework, Chipping / flaking to the veneer, The base isn’t not fitted correctly, After being on the phone for the second time 34 minutes To speak to customer services, I was told it would be two and a half weeks before a replacement could be delivered, Very poor. Update 15-9-20 Having to wait 2 and a half weeks for the replacement it arrive today and is also faulty and can’t be bolted together, so I’m now I have been told that I have to wait until 27th of October (6 weeks) Before the replacement can be replaced Very very poor service!"

Karen says

"right not going to lie babes but your mayttresses gave me osteoperosis and sleep paralysis AND sleep apnea. i went into the shop to test out the beds and i accidentaly fell asleep. i woke up and i was in jail for aparantly sleep talking about how i 'use' josies toys.......................................................... anyways yeah dont wven think about sending me tpo jail next time XOXO Karen"

Dale Morris says

"Once you have purchased a mattress and there becomes a fault with it, then prepare for a long battle. Don't trust their independent technicians from homeserve, only spent 10 minutes in our house and did not know what he was doing! Sent a report in saying he was at our place for an hour, LIAR!"

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